Posted on July 14, 2012


On June 9th, I wrote a post suggesting that Rotary in Ghana organize a Peace Conference given the daily inflammatory rhetoric heard over Ghana’s media. I also wrote this in context of the new Rotary International President being from Japan and choosing the theme of Peace Through Service for his year of presidency.

Well, Rotarian Sakuji Tanaka is Ghana right now, his first foreign visit since his year began on July 1st, 2012. You can read about it here. WHAT AN HONOUR FOR GHANA ROTARY!

Anyways, the most significant mention in the article is “Mr. Tanaka would be holding roundtables on peace with Rotaractors and Interactors”. Rotaractors are from tertiary institutions and Interactors are from secondary schools. Great! Young people are the instigators and live wires that can kick-start their parent clubs, whose memberships are often on the old side, to organize a peace conference in Accra before the elections in December.

Note: I am sending this post to all my Rotary contacts here in Ghana and I’d send it to the man himself, but his email address is never made public.

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