MAD inGhana

Posted on May 17, 2009


Take it any which way you want. MAD as in crazy, sure. MAD as in angry, really sure. MAD as in making a difference, not so sure. Depends if ya pick up the ball and run with it too.

This blog is for people living in Ghana and for people who are coming to Ghana or people coming back to Ghana. It is not a travel log or a memoir. It’s purpose is to try to create awareness to realities plaguing this nation with the purpose of affecting change. I don’t intend to hit the delete button….

and…I had written this earlier and so…..

“This is not a hotel.” These words begin a recent review of FOUR VILLAGES INN on the Trip Advisor site. Well, this blog is not a travel log; it’s not a memoir; it’s not idle ramblings on  the day to day.

It is, I hope, my effort at internet activism. It is about living life and doing business in Ghana. It’s intent is to create awareness about realities that impact lives in this struggling, confused democracy trying desperately to take its place in the global community.

Needless to say, it will act as a personal catharsis for the frustrations and challenges life presents daily. Bear with me and please, please give me your feedback, and should you be living here, join me!

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