Posted on May 21, 2009


My post on a “Visa for Obama” has got  more posts than any other , so why not go with a winner. And, hey, it ties in with Four Villages Inn, our guest house, proudly being a travel agent free zone!

Obama: Say Michelle we’re off to Ghana for a night. Mmmmmm, (giving her one of his trademark smiles) any ideas.

Michelle: Now Barack, let’s stay on task! Where are we going to stay to listen to Joni’s  ” the wind came in from Africa”.

Obama: How about one of those generic, 4 or 5 star hotels that the development set get booked at?

Michelle: Oh, no, Barack, let’s stay  somewhere  that exudes charm and cosiness. Some place more in keeping with your roots.

Obama: Great, I’ll call that travel agent down the street.

Michelle: Gawd no, we’ll pay triple the room rate. The American tax payer will have a fit.

Obama: How about I get in touch with a travel agent in Accra?

Michelle: Barack, you know how you won the Presidency….use the internet and don’t forget Trip Advisor or that update from the Bradt Guide. Augh, here’s the address http://www.philipbriggs.wordpress.com.

Obama: Gotch ya, honey,  Hey, look here, lots of mid range hotels, air-conditioned, self contained bathrooms, hot water, lovely grounds, and gee, the owners look interesting. They must have a story to tell, doing business in a developing country. We’ll probably learn more from them than all those talking heads at the embassy who want to keep their jobs and the money coming.

Michelle: (singing) The wind came in from Africa….Let me choose one and I’ll make the booking myself. You’re one busy guy.

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