Posted on June 4, 2009


Today at its regular monthly meeting attended by over sixty members, the Ashanti Branch of the Ghana Hotels Association read a complaint pertaining to one of  its own members in Kumasi.  The complaint  appeared on the Bradt Update to Ghana web site and reads as follows:

ON STADIUM HOTEL, Kumasi, posted May 19th, 2009 at 3:47 p.m.

“ Stadium Hotel is not what it once used to be. The bathroom was stinking of mold, and at nine o’ clock at night a man called from the reception asking if I wanted to join him for dinner. I was traveling alone and this was very uncomfortable. This hotel charges just as much as Ceeta Kel… A plus is that one can use the internet for free, but this still does not convince me. When I left the Stadium Hotel the male receptionist asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him before I left, I declined once again. Jessica Svensson”

The decision to  release the complaint and  the name of the hotel was made by our Chairman of the Association  who stated that the report was in the public domain and therefore could be the focus of discussion.

The manager of Stadium Hotel addressed the membership stating he would investigate the situation and report to the  assembly at the association’s regular general meeting in July.

Four Villages Inn stated how important it is for proprietors and/or managers to be present at their hotels. Things can go wrong at any time and only senior management can handle difficult situations before complaints reach the attention of the public through the internet.

This is democracy in action-good governance at the association level in the best interests of all. Transparency leads to the growth of civil society, in this case smooth running, responsive hotels that will lead to a healthy tourism industry.