Posted on June 11, 2009


Stay with the story to the end of the post for the crunch….please!

Ya, the noise pollution soap continues with the protagonist Chris Scott entering the environmental health offices at the mayor’s complex.. Just so you can picture it, it’s like stepping into  a Graham Greene novel. I want to see what’s going on re my request for a meeting with the Proprietor of Lahana Avon where a drinking bar is operating…Here’s the letter-note the date and note that it is to three separate departments!


P.O. Box KS3374


June 3, 2009

Mrs. P. Boakye Appiah Regional Director E.P.A., Kumasi

Mr. Donkor, Director K.M.A., Environmental Health Kumasi

Mr. Ben Anane Nsiah Regional Manager, G.T.B. Kumasi

Dear Madam and Sirs:


Since early January 2009, Four Villages Inn has been vehemently protesting the establishment of a drinking bar in no-man’s land in front of one star Lahana Avon Hotel in this first class residential zone. However, most nights “Jina’s Kitchen” continues to play music loudly openly defying strict directives issued by the K.M.A. Four Villages Inn humbly requests that all three licensing departments call a meeting to resolve this situation once and for all. As stated in previous correspondence, no other hotel in this or neighboring zones has a bar outside and no other hotel has to suffer noise pollution. I might add that going around to other outside bars in the village of Ahodwo and in West Nhyiaeso Extension, none of them plays music, not Manjaro, not D and M, not Relax, not Too Soon, not Last Stop. And yet here in Atasomanso, a first class residential zone, Four Villages Inn is being bullied by a neighbouring establishment. Four Villages Inn, an exemplary hospitality establishment and a credit to the local tourism industry here in Kumasi, feels abandoned and valueless. Four Villages Inn requests this meeting in the spirit of good governance, full participation by public sector departments in order to protect private sector investment.

Over the years, the proprietor of Lahana Avon Hotel has blatantly flaunted regulations to the point where he acts with such impunity he will physically abuse anyone who challenges him.

Four Villages Inn believes a coordinated concerted effort is required to deal with the proprietor of Lahana Avon Hotel. As requested by Mr. Donkor of the K.M.A., I include the contact details for Lahana Avon Hotel: 051-32816 Manager Andy: 0246426982 http://www.lahanaavon.com

Thank you for your considered, kind attention to this request.

Best wishes, Chris Scott Host

233-(0)51-22682 233-(0)20-7667559 scottash@hotmail.com

http://www.fourvillages.com/ https://madinghana.wordpress.com/





c.c. Nana Kofi, Proprietor, Lahana Avon Hotel, Kumasi

c.c. Executive Director, E.P.A., Accra

c.c. Chief Executive, K.M.A., Kumasi

c.c. Director of Operations, G.T.B., Accra

c.c. Mr. T.F. Agyekum, Chairman, Ghana Hotels Association, Ashanti

And further note, no reply and ya, if you got this far, I even copied it to Nana Kofi. I sent it registered mail  because anything I’ve sent over in the past by hand, is brought back unopened. Your stalwart hero sure wants the issue addressed even if it means Nana Kofi storming over here screaming away. And let me tell you, you just can’t imagine how photogenic Nana Kofi is-he’s perfect for this soap. Let me put it this way. He’d be a great stand-in for Mr. T.

Meanwhile back at the office. Mr. Donkor, the kindly Head of Environmental Health, is not there…so I go to an assistant in a small side office. Mr. Asare is there. Well I think it’s Mr. Asare, Mr. Donkor’s receptionist says he’s Mr. Owusu. Anyways, I ask him about the meeting I requested. He goes on about lack of evidence. I counter with the obvious-nobody comes. He comes back with it’s after hours and many of us live outside Kumasi. He goes on to prove his dept. does its job. He shows me a pic on his mobile phone of big speakers and how after a complaint, they verified the noise levels and closed down the operation- a preacher screaming his lungs out during the day in the heart of Adum, the downtown shopping area just up the street from the mayor’s office. Bravo, I say, for taking on the usually untouchable Christian zealots.

I continue-getting back on track-saying the letter requesting the meeting was directed to three departments for a reason…I say the proprietor is a big guy, very powerful –I want to say rich-so maybe there is a better chance 3 authorities can take this guy on. He says why don’t you go and talk to him. I simply point out that he’s a gangster. Oh, he gets upset at that ”You call him a gangster!”-I want some attention. AND BOY DO I GET IT WHEN I GET UP AND GRAB HIM BY THE BACK OF HIS NECK-lightly- AND PUSH HIM ON THE SHOULDER-lightly-he’s sitting down-AND SAY “YA, HE’S A GANGSTER. GANGSTERS DO THIS, DON’T THEY?”

So, then he drops his bombshell….he tells me Nana Kofi has come to the K.M.A. environmental office himself when he heard that Jina had had a meeting with Four Villages. Mr.Asare said Nana Kofi said that if anyone should complain it should be him since he’s closest and the music doesn’t bother him.

Gee I wish I had a scriptwriter to portray me as cool and collected. Alas, I hit the roof. ”Sure he’s going to say that. He’s the guy that leased the area to her for GH C10,000 for five years.”

“Sure he’s going to say that. He’s the guy that tells them to turn down the music when he has guests. When I’m having guests and I go over there I’m grabbed by the neck and pushed hard in the back in broad daylight out on the road.”

I also add that for eight years Nana Kofi never used the area as a drinking bar. He has a bar and a restaurant inside his walls. I also said that Nana Kofi knows it’s not only obroni (me- the white guy across the street) but the 71 year old lady across the road is closer and is affected more than Four Villages. She and her family have been across the road and made complaints.

Furthermore, I said that the speakers are always turned out towards the street and away from the hotel so why should he complain when the music isn’t directed towards his establishment. I asked Mr.Asare about the directive of the K.M.A. to turn the two speakers in and why doesn’t he come and take a picture of that!

Stay tuned. Will reason and good governance prevail? Remember this is but a microcosm….