Posted on June 16, 2009


Yes, all quiet from MAD in Ghana….Do you think I’ve got sane? Na! Well, it seems that we’ve had been a national collapse in the internet for almost five days…. at least here in Kumasi.

But not only that-it’s all quiet across the street!!! Yes, no Lionel Richie, no Bob Marley “Stand up, stand up for your rights”, no Whitney Houston blaring from Jina’s Kitchen in no-man’s land in front of Lahana Avon Hotel –  music that’s disrupted our nights and our business for five months despite countless letters, text messages, e-mails and visits to offices with appeals to reason!

But why?? Why has the music  stopped? The silence, which we enjoyed for eight years along with Lahana Avon, is eerie! Has their machine broken down? Is it all the rain we’ve been having? It couldn’t be the authorities from the K.M.A., E.P.A. or the G.T.B. I hate acronyms…but I’ve got so many thoughts running through my head-for expediency’s sake bare with me…. No meeting has taken place! But maybe-good governance prevails although I wish there was follow through.

But I’ve got another theory… wife and son, think I’m MAD and that is not an acronym! Here goes….I, and they both say I’m naive,think it’s my Canadian representative, the Canadian High Commissioner  that has made a call or two …..looking after a Canadian interest and especially the interest of a Canadian with a big mouth and no fear!

And believe it or not, the silence came none too soon. Each year we host a group of philanthropists who work with the Ministry  of W omen  and Children’s Affairs doing any number of good works over the years in Ashanti. This is the third year they’ve returned to Four Villages Inn and they have expectations… of which isn’t loud music. For the first four days of their visit, silence breaks the night!

So all’s well that end’s well. The messages  in all these posts is  one you have to make noise, cause if ya don’t nobody will listen and, two …THERE IS HOPE!