Posted on June 30, 2009


In  last Saturday’s Daily Graphic June 27-page 7 on the FEATURES PAGE , in the “My Blog” column,  there’s a post by Joe Frazier  regarding President Obama’s  48 hour visit to Ghana  entitled:


Joe Frazier must be a pseudonym, but, if it’s not, his or her parents must have had the premonition that their Joe would have great talent to make a point and win an argument. They were bang on. He’s  a real champion in this blogger’s mind.

I don’t know fighters so I  google  Joe Frazier and here’s the description:

“Frazier was a strong, ‘swarmer’ style boxer who applied great pressure on his opponent and dealt out tremendous punishment with a relentless attack of lefts.”

And that’s exactly what Joe, the blogger, did in this article, swarming over the potential irrationality and impetuosity of decision makers here. Referring to Obama’s arrival and first night, Joe, the blogger, throws a thundering punch suggesting  Obama should be just given a good novel by a Ghanaian author,  perhaps suggesting there won’t be any gaffs if the President is allowed to sit in his corner for a while before the bell goes for round one.

With regard to a Cape Coast visit , Joe, the blogger, sends a flurry of strong jabs saying , “For this visit we should not overplay the slavery card. Obama is no descendant of a slave and his visit to those castles should only enlighten him on the indignity endured by the grandparents of a large population of his constituents who bear his skin colour.”

Furthermore, Joe, the blogger, throws a cutting left, saying Michelle Obama must not visit “the upper class schools such as Ghana International School and the French School.” Believe it or not, that is exactly  where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the  committees representing former President Kuffour sent  Laura Bush, during President Bush’s 2007 visit.

I think what Joe, the blogger, and  MADinGhana   are saying is that careful attention must be paid. President Obama is a smart and cagey fighter too. He knows the ring, the important issues such as  heightened  security to combat against Ghana being “the West African hub for the illicit drug trade” and “an American  plan to set up a military base”. He won’t want to be pushed into a corner-a visit to Cape Coast in this blogger’s mind-especially when it seems he only has one round sparring with President Mills.

Anyways….sure wish Joe, the blogger,  would help train this blogger, MADinghana. I’d like to put his URL on my scorecard, I mean BLOGROLL.

Hey, think I’ll grab a pseudonym myself. How about Mike Tyson? I go for the ear, There’s no finesse here. I just fight from the gut!