Posted on July 3, 2009


For background go to “ALL QUIET…ANY THEORIES posted on 2009-06-16?”-on the noise pollution affecting FOUR VILLAGES INN since January 1, 2009

In the continuing story of the music coming from the bar across the street-are ya tired of it-comes new developments unfortunately.  Anyways on Monday night June 29th, the music resumed, and man did it resume. LOUD OR WHAT!!!

So, once again my footsteps echo through the offices of K.M.A. Environmental Health and my voice pleads for renewed attention to the affair.

Meanwhile Charity, my wife, recently returned from a 3 month’s  R & R in Canada and the U.K. ,goes over to the “ole lady” who lives directly  across from the bar and whose bedroom is in the front of the house. Since the music had stopped, I had been there to give her a high five on the more than two week silence. I told her daughter that some officials had intervened. She  translated it. Nothing more was said.

So Charity, my wife,  comes back with the real reason for the silence. The “ole lady” had gone across the road and yelled at Jina, the bar proprietor, paaaaa. That means a lot.  I can’t repeat all that the ole lady said, but to give you a little flavour, how about ” Do you think we are a lot of dogs that live around here?

THIS AFTER FIVE MONTHS OF RELENTLESS BLARING MUSIC FROM 5 P.M. TO 9:30 P.M. This is true testimony to the patience of the Ghanaian, particularly the older generation and those that are illiterate.

This after the ole lady knows that obroni, that’s me the white man, has been going to all the concerned lodging complaints written and verbal, all with no effect….

The ole lady I guess knows better than to waste her time going to the authorities. And do you know what, SHE’S RIGHT!

So much for my theory about intervention-a phone call or whatever- by the Canadian High Commissioner- HOW NAIVE OF ME!

Anyways, Monday night might be Jena’s way of saying “Fuck you ole lady”.

As it stands, officers from the KUMASI METROPOLITAN AUTHORITY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH are supposed to be coming to see the ole lady. They keep saying obroni (ME) is the only one making a complaint and they still are monitoring the situation-imagine after SIX months!

Well the ole lady’s sister died and she is off to the  funeral, so stay tuned to the continuing story…