Posted on July 3, 2009


To read the background on this situation, please log onto the post entitled: “A DIFFICULT SITUATION  CONFRONTED AT THE GHANA HOTELS ASSOCIATION posted on 2009-06-04.

Now for the follow-up….on July 2, we held our regular monthly Ghana Hotels Association meeting . The attendance was great-over 60 members representing a little less than half our membership.

The minutes of the June 4 th meeting were read.  There was no mention of the Stadium Hotel incident even though it had been discussed at the June meeting and members  had read about  before the meeting had started  in a monthly hand-out I put out entitled “From the Desk of the Chairman’s Special Assistant”.  Most significant is the fact that the manager of Stadium Hotel  had been in attendance at the June 2nd meeting and had been asked to investigate and report back to the association  at the July meeting. Incidentally, the manager had been standing when the Chairman had made the request.

When asked for corrections, omissions etc., I  remained silent, and nobody else spoke up voicing the glaring omission.

The meeting continued with “matters arising out of the minutes”… and again no mention was made about the incident since the whole nasty affair hadn’t been recorded.

So the meeting is nearing an end, and up stands the Chairman’s Special Assistant, that’s me, and after dealing with a few trivial matters, I turn to my chairman and say, “At the last meeting, the manager of Stadium Hotel had said he would report on the incident at Stadium Hotel that was reported on Philip Briggs’ Bradt Update to Ghana web site. Could the Chairman give us any follow-up.We are all affected by these occurrences of impropriety.”

There was silence and then the Chairman looked over to the end of the first row where two gentleman were sitting. One I knew as a former member of the executive. He was leaning over talking to the other fellow who turned out be the Director of Stadium Hotel. After a slight pause the Vice Chairman at the head table where I sit leaned over and said to me , “He’s not aware of any situation.” My comment to the V.P. “We have  along way to go, truly a long way to go.”

At the end of the meeting, the former member of the executive came over to ask for a copy of last month’s “From the Desk of the Chairman’s Assistant” handout. I didn’t have one so I asked to see the Director of Stadium Hotel.  He had left!

More next month..just who was the culprit at Stadium Hotel? ….more in the continuing story.