Posted on July 5, 2009



This is not a joke.
We have two medical interns with us and in conversation I  mentioned how great Ghanaian chocolate is, especially the  Golden Tree  Kingsbite bars in the red wrappers.

Then one of the soon -to -be-doctors  said he had just read a medical study that indicated there is a chemical in dark chocolate that promotes clear thinking and enhances sharp decision-making.

Now don’t let your imagination get the better of you…but can’t you see it……maybe before each sitting of Ghanaian  parliament,  each cabinet meeting,  each conference,   seminar  or meeting etc. each participant is given a supply of Ghanaian chocolate. In schools, for the school feeding program, children, Ghana’s future, could be given chocolate galore, and who knows what the results could be!

Anyways, I’ve been telling you the future of this country lies in the continued growth of the agricultural sector, but I never thought of this angle.

Hey, maybe President Obama could lend his name to Kingsbite along with the moringa.

And to think, the answer to everything here is right under our noses. It’s produced and manufactered here, WOW!