Posted on July 9, 2009


Chris with Birgit and Alfred Siwy

Chris with Birgit and Alfred Siwy

There are hundreds of comments in our guest book, comments that have kept us going for these ten years. Inn keeping is truly intrinsically rewarding, much like teaching really.

On July 2nd we had drop-ins,  Birgit and Alfred Siwy  from Austria, who were in Ghana simply as tourists. They weren’t here for meetings;  they weren’t here working as volunteers or otherwise; they weren’t here visiting family or friends. Yes, let me say it again, they were here simply as tourists and, let me tell you, that is rare. They said they had honeymooned in Mali and that they wanted to explore other countries in the sub-region and Ghana looked like it had potential. They weren’t disappointed.

Anyways they spent two nights here and when leaving Birgit wrote in the  FOUR VILLAGES INN guest book:

“Really excellent place! Will recommend and hopefully return one day.”

Well they did return for a night on their way to the coast, unexpectedly again, and this time Alfred wrote in the guest book, and this is the kicker:

” And here we are again. This place deserves the gray box award in the Bradt Travel Guide more than any other!!! We hope it gets it soon.”

Just to explain, a gray box is used to highlight exceptional hotels, attractions, activities, places, cultural events et.  in the Bradt Guide to Ghana, recognized as the guide to Ghana.

Incidentally, Four Villages is hosting a researcher working on the next edition to the guide, the 5th edition, to be published in 2010. You can be sure that we’ll point out Alfred’s comment!