Posted on July 10, 2009


water meter manNow just who is this guy in red tie, white shirt, and dapper top? A waiter in a fancy restaurant….nope,  he’s our water meter reading man and, I’d like to believe,  he was all dressed up to give me the news that after two years of estimated water bills, this month’s bill had the water meter  readings on it !  As they say here “Hallelujah!”.

Despite constant complaints-I  am  a troublemaker-I finally got a bill that reflects our true consumption. For our  first eight year here all was great, exact bills for exact consumption.  Then about two years ago, Four Villages started getting estimated  bills for 40 units. 1 unit =1,000 litres. So that’s 40,000 litres we were supposed to use a month! Before that our consumption was  no more than  20 units, so I don’t know how they arrived at 40?

You see Four Villages Inn has  a wonderful well and everyday we pump water into a 500 gallon overhead tank.  More complaining resulted in an adjustment to 35 units, i.e. 35,000 litles, but no resumption to readings.

Now here’s the crunch. The present bill is for 6 units!

I’m not going to give you updates on this every month, but this situation just gives ya A LITTLE perspective on  doing business here.

Incidentally, I looked at the other bills our debonair meter man had and most were  estimates.

Complaining here is not in the culture ….most people take things as they come. Perhaps people feeling that they are not empowered  and have  no voice is one  reason why  incompetency and inefficiency permeate  life here. Or perhaps too after awhile people just lose energy and hope that things will improve.

I too have lost a lot of my energy. I won’t endeavor to try to get back money back for all the overcharging. I’m just happy at long last we are back on course. That’s a little progress. I can’t expect more. Hallelujah!