Posted on July 18, 2009


This blogger has been on sabbatical for over a week in the wake of the presidential visit. This was not for a lack of personal  situations and public issues to comment on. There are always plenty of those. It’s just that blogging, like life, can zonk ya. Guess it was creeping up on me as indicated in final comments in the previous post on the water meter  hassle.

But I’m back now!

So…the Obama visit-everywhere, in the wind, over  the air and on the page, there were comments, analysis es . Everybody had something to say and the consensus generally was that his visit would make a difference to Ghana. I won’t argue one way or another…time will tell and time will tell each and everyone of us living here in Ghana as it goes by….

Right now, there are three burning  issues on the proverbial back burner that will occupy posts for the next little while. Ouch

First, I’d like to  “focus the camera”, the words of our Minister of Tourism,  not on the Obama visit, but on a dicey  test of what Obama said is “finding concrete solutions to corruption like strengthening hot lines and protecting whistle-blowers to advance transparency and accountability.”

It relates to an incident that took place on July 6th at Kotoka International Airport. You can read about it in the blog  (see my Blogroll)

Now here is a whistle-blower! Let’s see how the system responds. My response will be  in the form of a satirical “Message from the Publisher” for the in-flight travel magazine like Destination Ghana.

Please note the latest Destination Ghana features an argument to scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana in order to give a much needed boost to tourism in this country. See the argument in my post A VISA TO GHANA FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA. While this deals with entering Ghana, my next post focuses on practical tips on leaving Ghana hassle free….

Second, its back to the local scene, on July 7th Four Villages Inn received a demand notice from the K.M.A., that stands for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, i.e. the mayor’s office,  to pay our Business Operating License,  formerly know as  the Hotel License. The deadline was July 6th! That’s not all…My response will be in the form of a letter to the mayor, known as the Metropolitan Chief Executive.

And third, last but not least, tied into the above,  there’s Four Village Inn perrenial  issue regarding loud music from across the road. It’s been seven months of persistant effort and still no resolution. The music is back. The entry will be called “Whoof, My life as a dog”-that’s where I’m at….