Posted on August 1, 2009


So….in the Spot the Mistake post-see pic of upside down lorry- you were asked to spot the infractions….There was one tongue-in-cheek-comment…..

“Guess the biggest mistake was that the driver didn’t knock down the bar before he flipped, eh?”

Well here goes.

1.  THE OBVIOUS– a drinking bar in no-man’s land-on a busy road at the bottom of a long hill where vehicles pick up speed coming down and going up. Making this section of road even more dangerous is an intersection at the bottom of this hill where tro-tros and taxis stop to pick up and drop off passengers. The police know that there are frequent accidents on this stretch of road. We went to the police, but were directed to the K.M.A.

Incidentally this picture was taken two years ago before the bar existed. Had this accident happened after January 1, 2009, there might have been multiple deaths!

2. Nana Kofi, the owner of  land, could never make up his mind if his property was to be a hotel or a shopping arcade. Where was the Ghana Tourist Board or the Ghana Tourism Authority to help him make up his mind?

3. The two shopping arcades are right on the front property line! And to think, this road is slated to be widened. You can bet I’ll be out in our no-man’s land seeing that the road contractor doesn’t swerve the road to our side to protect Nana Kofi’s two buildings.

Incidentally, when Nana Kofi was building the second building on the front property line, I called every city department involved…all to no avail. The building was completed quick, quick. And to think, that the two floors above the row of rentals are hotel rooms……30 ft. from the middle of the road!!!!!!!

4. The bar has bunting and a  mulicoloured stone facade. It is actually a permanent structure in no-man’s-land!

So, none of the departments has done anything about anything. But then again maybe without carrying the name ‘authority’, I guess they just didn’t think they had authority, ugh…