Posted on August 5, 2009


There’s a new link on my Blog Roll. For years  I’ve subscribed to the Mbendi Newsletter and particularly enjoy the editor’s bi-monthly column “THE WORLD AFTER 2020”.

This current edition’s World After 2020 is entitled CUSTOMER CAMEOS. Intriguing….I copied it to distribute to the proprietors and managers who will attend this month’s GHANA HOTELS ASSOCIATION monthly meeting.

The gist of the column is we have so much to learn in our daily lives as clients/customers that we can apply to our own businesses in trying to achieve optimal customer service satisfaction.

Customer service workshops are all the rage here in Ghana. In fact, at tomorrow’s meeting  a local consulting company is coming  to make a pitch/proposal to present a series of workshops on customer service …..I think as a follow up at the end of the meeting during  A.O.B.  when all eyes turn to the CHAIRMAN’S SPECIAL ASSISTANT- that’s me-I’ll lead a little discussion on the importance of learning  from our own experience with examples from our daily lives-I’ll provide a number of examples of my public sector dealings and private as well and then leave the floor open….