Posted on August 6, 2009




Beer and democracy seem to be synonymous these days, so I’ve got an idea to help resolve the noise issue with the hotel and beer bar across the road…

BACKGROUND: We have had no luck having authorities from many departments  stop the music emanating from the beer bar/restaurant across the road. You can read all about our campaign in previous Four Villages Inn category posts.

In short our campaign has been going on for more than 7 months! Yes, seven months of non-stop e-mails-phone calls, visits to offices, letters, text messages,  and a  speech.

In that period, I’ve endured  two violent shoves in the back  from Nana Kofi, the two hundred and thirty pound hotel owner  who leased the outside bar to a “small girl” type named Gina,first spelt Jini now Changed to Gina! Of course he is protecting his investment of GH C10,000, that’s about US$7,000 for five years! He’s also stood over me and yelled-almost nose to nose-in my face.

Further,I’ve compromised our business and my residency in this country  I’ve called home  for twenty years …. I’ve refused to pay my license fee to the inept Ghana Tourism Authority whose regional manager never came to Four Villages Inn once after repeated appeals, no cries, for help. He did go to the beer bar and said days later , “I didn’t think the music was too  loud!”

And-oh Four Villages Chris …I’ve even barked, yes, woof woo,f at some K.M.A. staff. That was prompted by our neighbour, an  old lady who really gets the full brunt of the noise in her bedroom. Exasperated by four months of nightly Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and friends, Mrs. Mireku finally went over to Gina, spelt with a ‘g’ not a ‘j’ and screamed, “Do you think we are dogs that live here!”

For three weeks all was quiet. I thought we had won! Ha, was I wrong!

It’s so sad.  Gina made a very  bad mistake! She didn’t do her homework  establishing a beer bar in a first class residential zone. And then again, maybe she didn’t have to do her homework! What still gives Gina the license to continue blasting her music despite a Kumasi Environmental Health order to turn the two large speakers into her establishment and lower the music. What has compromised the authority of the K.M.A.  Environmental Health department?

On the first Monday of June after the three week respite,  the music started again-as loud even as on January 1s, 2009 when it all started.

But, that very night there was one thing different……traffic police had set up a road block to check vehicles right in front of the beer bar…a strange, strange  occurrence since over the years they have never set here…..Anyways I’ll leave you to speculate what has perhaps compromised Environmental  Health…..That’s all for now on that score….

So, the Beer Summit..We’d sure like to sit down with parties concerned…Gina, Gina’s “Junior Father”-who is this man?, Nana Kofi, and Mr. Donkor of Environmental Health, K.M.A. and get some closure on all this.

In the meantime, daily, Charity, my wife, is at the K.M.A. playing what I call “the respect game”….I’ll leave that one too….