Posted on August 8, 2009


Tired of this…then with a tiny push of a button, dispose of me-how easy it is to move on…

But this scenario is Ghana and the underdeveloped world in a nutshell. How the micro reflects the macro!

PART 1:  CHARITY: Anyways Charity, my wife, and I have been exploring other avenues in trying to bring reason and courage to solve the beer bar blasting music problem we face.

First Detective Charity has some deep background on Gina who runs the restaurant/bar.Apparently Gina found the Lord, or maybe it was the other way around. Anyways,  she wanted to convert from Islam to Christianity. But her rich husband’s family would have nothing to do with that, so Gina was given a lump sum payment of GH C 30,000-in old currency that’s C300,000,000. Ya, three hundred million! Ten thousand cedis or one hundred million went to Nana Kofi, the proprietor of Lahana Avon Hotel to lease the premises of the restaurant/bar.  Incidentally, we hear Gina’s  ex-husband lives here in Kumasi and owns three petrol station, so you can imagine how far, deep and high his sphere of influence extends….

Anyways on the action front…Charity, having no luck in getting people from Environmental Health of the K.M.A. to come here, goes to another department where the cousin of a good friend works…that’s Ghana for you! The next morning he comes with another official and off he goes to our neighbour the old lady  famous in our family for her quote, “Do you think we are dogs that live around here.” Turns out he knows the old lady. Oh boy he just might do something.

Well last night, we don’t think the two officers came; there sure wasn’t any lowering of music. I think I’ll follow this avenue with a visit to this new department and invite the Director to The Beer Summit.

PART 2: CHRIS: Not to be outdone by Charity, I’ve been busy too! On Wednesday, I attended our Rotary meeting and who should be there but Mr. Donkor Head of Environmental Health KMA, the very person who consistently does nothing….He’s in the company of Mr. Tony Mensah, Director of Waste Management who was invited by Rotarian TOP, Head of Legal Services at the K.M.A., to give a talk on the challenges the City of Kumasi faces daily in the disposal of liquid and solid waste. I was truly impressed with the man and the presentation.

However, all I kept thinking was if the city can make a monumental effort  keeping the city clean, why can’t it  solve one little problem that requires no financial, technical or human resources?

So on the growing list of invitees include Lawyer Tony Osei  Poku and Tony Mensah.

And of course, how about adding the rich ex-husband? What a party it will be!