Posted on August 10, 2009


I’m in line at the State Transport terminal to buy a ticket to Cape Coast for a guest. I hear a “Hello” behind me.

I turn around and say, “I suppose I’m supposed to know you.”

“No,” says the lady so I say, ” Hi.”

“Do I denote a Canadian accent.”

Thinking, man is this lady quick, I reply, “How can you tell that.”

“I’ve lived in Canada for the past twenty five years,” said the middle aged Ghanaian woman.

The conversation continued revealing that the lady had been teaching in Canada and for the past year and a half she had been going back and forth between Canada and Ghana trying to make her mind if she would return for good.

Well, needless to say, Four Villages had something to say on that one. At one time I thought the diaspora returning would turn things around. But now….I have my doubts….and I expressed them to the lady. She thought the problems were because of politics. I disagreed saying problems are everywhere in every country because of the complexity of societies and the fact that there are just too many people.

Having been a teacher and a teacher trainer for eight years I did say that there is a crying need for quality schools-not just schools.

She asked me what  teacher training college I had worked at.

“Akrokerri,” I replied.

“You’re MR. SCOTT”,  she exclaimed. “I was at Akrokerri. I left in ’78. You didn’t teach me I was in the commercial side. You haven’t changed a bit!”

Wow what a story! More to come on the subject of Diaspora Ghanaians coming back…..I have theories and my son Frank had invaluable advice when we were setting out in ’99 to resettle here. Want to hear it….send me a comment.

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