Posted on August 28, 2009


“Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s …..and render unto the K.M.A. that which is the K.M.A.’s”

This is a direct quote of the Asokwa Metro-sub director, who represented the mayor’s office at the National Executive Council meeting of the Ghana Hotels Association….

The hotel industry in Kumasi is BIG. Next to timber, a safe guess would be that it is the second biggest industry in Kumasi. Hotels are a major employer in the city and one of the largest sources of tax revenue for the city.

There are sensitive issues between the city and the association regarding 400% increases in our business operating license fees that undoubtedly the K.M.A. represtative  is unaware of…To be frank, I just don’t feel it was appropriate that the City of Kumasi was represented by a metro sub director at  this national meeting.