Posted on August 28, 2009


golden rule christianity

I’ve always thought that the strength of democracy lies in good neighborliness and I suppose I wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb  that good neighborliness is synonymous with the golden rule: “Do unto  others as you would have done unto you.” Jesus, quoted in Luke 6:31.

Well, this attitude was backed up in a book I referred to recently FROM POVERTY TO POWER: HOW ACTIVE CITIZENS AND EFFECTIVE STATES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. On Page 37,  there is a section entitled  THE GOLDEN RULE.   The golden rule is said in one way or another in eight religions. It’s universal and it’s the bottom line to democracy.

Following the interview on noise, I met a doctor who is widely travelled and teaches medicine  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, a relative of a guest staying at Four Villages Inn, who said, “I heard you on the radio.”

He then proceeded to tell me his encounter with a noisy neighbour. Somebody built a house and started to play music loudly with his windows with open. The good doctor said he went over to his neighbour’s house and invited him to his house to see his speakers. “My speakers are bigger than your speakers. And I have a whoffer too”

That was the end of his problem with his noisy neighbour!

Here it’s not the golden rule that works. Somebody f….s you, you f…him back. Kindness and patience are often interpreted as weakness.

So…sometimes I surprise myself. I relished in how uncomfortable Mr. Adarkwa was when he got blindsided.

Crystal Rose wants to hold a loud youth party at her annex while her main hotel is full, I’ll show the disgusting state of her premises where the kids had that party. I hear the Ghana Tourist Board has allowed her to reopen. God knows why?

Anyways, I don’t consider her a neighbour. She’s never here. And how would she like it if we did that to her? If she comes here yelling and threatening-we’ll just give her some of her own medicine.golden rule Islam

Get the picture….since good governance doesn’t exist here, then there is a breakdown in civil society and democracy does not prevail.