Posted on August 30, 2009


Have ya seen this commercial on T.V. here? I think it’s on G.T.V. if I’m not mistaken. A few days ago Charity, Frank and I went to a friend’s house for lunch and the TV was on. We don’t watch much TV so I hadn’t seen the Red Dove Commercial, but my son had and he said,”Papa,take a look at this one.”

Well, hasn’t ANYONE lodged a complaint?

Briefly here’s how the commercial goes: papa is off to work-his friend is waiting outside, but dutiful wife has the meal on the table. Papa says he’s got to go to work or he’ll be late. He gets to the front door, looks back, goes out and in comes both papa and his friend. The next shot is he and his friend are eating with wife and two kids. Papa’s phone goes and it’s the boss and papa says “We  are on our way, but stuck in serious traffic.” The last shot catches the kids with big grins on their faces.

Frank says to me after the commercial. “Ya see that , the dad even lies in front of the kids and everyone thinks its a big joke.”


Lately my Charity and I have been watching  old series of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. The premise of the show is two teams are given a project and which ever team wins, they get a reward and the losing team has one of its members fired. Usually, the season/series  starts with two teams of eight and so the series lasts sixteen weeks with one person getting fired each week until there’s one winner who gets a high paying job in the Trump organization for one year.


What would happen if they tried to replicate this reality show here in Ghana? Well, for one, if the task was to prepare a  rice commercial, the team that developed the Red Dove Rice commercial should all be fired!

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