Posted on September 12, 2009


Here we go again…another commercial the brunt of public outrage, but nothing happening…

So, I join the public discourse that often goes nowhere here. But a citizen has to be active, so I keep trying to raise public awareness that it is our civic responsibility to speak out and follow through, follow through and follow through…..

Another post entitled RED DOVE RICE COMMERCIAL dated August 30 also deals with the same subject of children’s  morals being corrupted by commercials.

Here’s my most recent letter to the Daily Graphic, “Ghana’s national newspaper”.

Dear Editor:

On January 1, 2009, the Daily Graphic carried a commentary by Vicky Wireko entitled: “Advertising in Ghana: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. Now over nine months later the same “ugly” is in the spotlight. . On September 11, Charles Wompiah wrote a letter headlined “Ban this T.V. advert” about the Pure Milk commercial that portrays a younger sister blackmailing her older sister for more Pure Milk or otherwise she’ll tell the parents about the boyfriend in the house.

Yes, the commercial is offensive; but what is more disturbing is the lack of response by The Ghana Advertising Association of Ghana, the Ghana Journalists Association and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana all quoted in the January 1 article. The commercial is still being aired and sending out the message to Ghana’s youth that you can succeed using blackmail to get what you want.

With a title like THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY surely the above organizations had seen the commentary. But they failed to act; they failed to follow through.

Should this letter reach the attention of these inept organizations, I hope they also look at the Red Dove rice commercial that sends out the message that it is alright for parents to lie in front of their children so that parents can get what they want.

Democracy is characterized not only by an effective state, but also by a free press and active citizen groups working together to create a better society. Like President Obama said what happens between elections is what is important.

Let’s start with these commercials that erode the character development of Ghana’s youth, the future of this nation. . I challenge the appropriate authorities to use their authority to “Ban this T.V. advert”.

Chris Scott




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