Posted on September 19, 2009


Everybody's reading it!

Everybody's reading it!

Four Villages Inn had the pleasure of hosting researcher Kim Wildman here in Ghana researching the 5th edition of the highly popular Bradt Guide to Ghana to come out in 2010. Kim stayed with us not once, but TWICE, testimony to the fact that a high percentage of our guests are returnees. On her way north, she stayed three nights  and then returned for another night on her way down to the coast.

On the way north, Kim met our other guests, returnees of course. Coincidentally, Shay was here. Shay had written the report on Philip Briggs’ update(seeblogroll) on Lake Point Guest House where the proprietor told her to “Fuck off”!  See my post dated August 28th entitled THE POWER OF THE INTERNET for the entire report. So Kim heard the story first hand.

I am passionate about the positive role tourism can play in the development of Ghana’s economy. However, without good governance in the sector, Ghana will soon lose its great reputation as a safe, hospitable and affordable destination. The internet does have immense  power to influence people and a country’s image.

It appears that the Philip Briggs’ Bradt Update site is the only way travellers can celebrate or pan hospitality services and attractions here in Ghana. I believe that without follow-up on reports by the Ghana Tourist Board, the on the ground authority, things could go awry. The industry is in its infancy and needs constant monitoring. While, of course, the primary role of the Briggs update is share the joy that is Ghana, there is that flip side, that slippery slope, that can’t be denied…

For now let’s stay with the joy that is Ghana which Charity and I try day in and day out to project at FOUR VILLAGES INN!

Kim and C. & CHere’s what Kim wrote in our guest book on departure:

” Chris and Charity-Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s been so nice having a place that feels like home that I could come back to-I may never leave! Definitely one of the best places I have stayed in during my Ghana travels.”