Posted on September 23, 2009


The MUSIC is back after a two week break . For those not following the continuing story, Four Villages Inn has been protesting loud music emanating from a bar in no-man’s-land across the road in front of a hotel in this first class residential area. And the bar’s  timing couldn’t have been worse.  Four Villages Inn  just had another V.I.P. visitor, besides the Bradt Guide to Ghana researcher, in the person of Donald Teitelbaum. Recognize the name?

Here’s a clue-look closely……

U.S. Amassador's carThat’s a tough  one.

In the interest of privacy, I  took just this pic…It’s the vehicle of the U.S. AMBASSADOR TO GHANA Donald Teitelbaum who was here on an official visit to Ashanti  to meet for the first time the Ashanti Regional Minister and Otumfuo, the Asanthene. Accompanying the Ambassador were his wife Julianna and her parents Don and Annette Lindsey. They stayed three nights at FOUR VILLAGES INN. Their  driver stayed elsewhere….actually he stayed at the only deluxe 4 star hotel in Kumasi…THE GOLDEN TULIP-KUMASI CITY-off the point but I had to include it.

Anyways the party had supper at the Inn and outside the loud music pierced the African night. I texted the four officials  I usually text when Bob and Whitney, Kojo and Shakira get  too carried away.  Who are these people? Well, the Regional Manager of the Ghana Tourist Board , the spokesman at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Head of Environmental Health at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and one of his officers. Should I phone they don’t pick up because, after all,  I phone after I they have closed from work.

Here are my two texts to show just how exasperating the situation can be….

“Loud,loud music after two weeks of no music. Lahana has no respect 4 u or the law in this city.”

” Only 2 people @ bar-Four Villages Inn I has foreign diplomat that gives aid to Ghana and that is why legitimate business is not valued here.”

Another aside: Ghana celebrated the centenary of Kwame Nkrumah’s birth. I facebooked the following:

Kwame Nkrumah

Christopher Scott

Centenary of Kwame Nkrumah’s birth. Here’s a prophetic quote: “Conscious of our responsibilities towards Africa and its people, we must guard against any attempts by the imperialists, colonialists and neo-colonialists to use financial …aid as a means of economic infiltration and ultimately of political subjection.” Note to Heads of all Independent African States, June, 1962
Those are not the only consequences of rampant aid. Aid to Ghana to the tune of supporting the budget 60% also results in a crippled and compromised civil service. Who cares if businesses prosper and taxes are collected? The money comes in anyways!