Posted on October 2, 2009


Now that title must have grabbed your attention….

On Tuesday, September 29th, Roger our watchman/gardener and I were at the back of the inn when all of a sudden six men appeared, two carrying shovels. Oh, man, thought I. This is it and they are even going to bury me…

Guess one of them could see the fear on my face because he quickly declared he was from the GHANA WATER COMPANY and that they were cutting our service because we owed Gh Cedis 200.00.

I was aghast. I had  paid the bill on Saturday the 19th ten days previously and said so. While I went in the inn to get the bill, five of the men went to sit on the front veranda like they owned the place. One stayed by the back  door. I quickly found the paid bill, took it out where it was examined.

Then it was my turn:

” Why have all six men  come into the compound that is  guest house? Thank God there were no guests present. How would they they feel seeing six men  barging in? What kind of impression would it create for the inn.”

The fellow said they were a team-that nobody had been at the gate.

I continued, ” What if I had not been at the inn and been unable to produce the paid bill. You probably would have cut the supply of water even though the bill had been paid.

I suggest you check your records before you take action. I also suggest you discuss procedure with your bosses, especially entering compounds in first class residential areas and for commercial establishments.”

THEY LEFT! And now, you know me, I will complain.

Will there ever be change? Over the years, there has been talk about privatizing the GHANA WATER COMPANY. I bet that would be a step in the right direction, especially in terms of customer relations. Public service employees in Ghana have that air of arrogance. They think they are immune from sacking. Each department is like an ole boys’ club…people have been there forever and co-workers are friends and friends stick together.

Perhaps that is why nobody does complain, except idiots like yours truly, who, no matter what, will never lose hope….

I’ll make my complaint in writing.   Why haven’t I done it yet?  Maybe I am losing hope….I am losing energy.

Energy and hope are synomonous.