Posted on October 22, 2009


Well last Tuesday was a momentous day! First there was a new review on TRIP ADVISOR written by Scottish Volunteer (a V.S.O. here for two years) a.k.a. Rana Keane, an experienced  education consultant advising headteachers in schools in the Upper West  Region of Ghana. Rana and her fellow volunteer Anna, a science consultant, who work in Lawra are guests of Four Villages anytime they travel south to Kumasi.

Here’s the review:

Rana Keane


Charity and Chris Scott are the Innkeepers with big hearts, a beautifully welcoming home and delicious food. After our first visit, we felt like members of the Scott Family and we count the weeks now until our next visit south for more pampering.

(Meals can be prearranged and there is a thoughtfully stocked fridge in each bedroom.)”


Well, that morning returnee Linzie Rodgers from Houston, Texas was arriving at the airport for a seven night stay at Four Villages Inn, so Charity and I went together for the pick-up. He was at Four Villages Inn last year, but I had been in Canada  and had  missed him. Charity would often talk affectionately about Linzie, so how ha ppy I was when he e-mailed to say he was returning.

You see Linzie’s hobby is woodworking and Four Villages Inn had introduced him to our long time carpenter and friend Alhaji, a.k.a. Kwadjo. Well, they hit it off so well that Lindzie is back this time to help Alhaji buy an electric saw! Truly, great things happen through Four Villages Inn.

Linzie and Charity at airport

I am writing this on Thursday the 22. It’s Linzie’s 75th birthday and the saw was bought today. As I type, Charity and Linzie are talking up a storm after enjoying a great dinner. Linzie’s comment reaching 75: “I’m so thankful the Good Lord has allowed me to hang around so long.” So are we!