Posted on October 23, 2009


Know where this is? Mole National Park, Northern Region, Ghana’s premier game park. At Mole, they sure aim to please! Just set yourself up with a cold one by the pool and the animals come to you. Often there are pesky baboons that might snack with you if you’re not careful.


There’s a wonderful site called ENJOY AND CONTRIBUTE YOUR GEMS!

Incidentally, usually tourists overnight  in Kumasi on their way north at Four Villages Inn. Then they head north to rough it at the lodge at Mole for a night or two. Following the Mole experience tourists return to Kumasi via Boabeng Fiema, the monkey sanctuary, before showing up at Four Villages to experience this dynamic city and soak up  the luxury at Four Villages Inn.

Should you need a car hire, we can point you in the right direction.!