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I have a Facebook account and lots of “friends” who I haven’t met and don’t know. You know what I’m talking about, the new, modern  definition of friendship. A lot of my new friends are Ghanaian and I’ve joined a lot of  facebook groups  with a focus on  Ghana. Friends of the Motherland is one such group. The other day the founder had his birthday and to celebrate it, he shared the web site for an American recruiter for health care workers and professionals, 247caregivers. You read….

Kenneth Bediako sent a message to the members of FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND.


I'm Ken Bediako the creator of FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND..Is my birthday today and I have a gift for all healthcare workers.
If you or someone you know is looking for a job as a NURSE, CNA, HHA, NANNY OR, ANY ALLIED HEALTH CARE JOB,

So we were just a few of the approximately 2,000 members who reacted critically.

Here’s what Ken wrote in reply”

“So Jack and Scott who are all members of FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND didnt agree with me for posting a link that could help secure jobs for Health care workers.
Below is thier argument and my reply. Please read and tell me if I comited a crime by posting a place where Nurses, CNA, HHA and all allied healthcare workers can go find a job.

Jack Bruno October 30 at 8:44am
Ken, i tot u’ll encourage ghanaians 2 come n help moda ghana, rada dan getin dem jobs over seas. So where do u stand, ruining ur motherland or wat? I don’t agree wif u

Christopher Scott Excuse me? Are you sending a third-party application form for 247caregiver to Ghanaians to facilitate their leaving Ghana for greener pastures abroad? I would have thought you would be trying to encourage health care workers etc. to return to Mother Ghana. And, while I have your attention, Happy Birthday, Ken

MY RESPONSE:-(this is Ken Bediako writing)

Kenneth Bediako October 30 at 10:18pm
How can ghanaians already here in the USA send money home to help thier families and even boost the Ghana ecconomy if they dont have a job?
How can they even get money to buy a plane ticket if they decide they want to go back home?
People here are facing hard times. Most don’t even have a job so they can feed their family.
Being here is not a crime. And for your info, FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND is not for only Ghanaians and Africans. Anybody who love Africa is a FRIEND OF THE MOTHERLAND.
I will do all I can to help my people live comfortable and be happy….finding people jobs is one of the many things I do and intend to keep doing.
We all must help in any small way we can.
This is just a little contribution from me on my B’day to all health care workers here on FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND.
I believe the job seeker who goes out there to and finds a job so he could feed his family and pay his bills will say a BIG THANK YOU.
Again, the web site for caregivers is:
Anybody tell me, did I commit a crime?”

MadinGhana again: Ken believes that Ghanaians in the U.S. and elsewhere “help their families and even boost the Ghanaian economy.” Yes, the diaspora does send a lot of money back home. So much so, as a matter of fact, that in the past few years remittances from the diaspora is now no.3 in foreign exchange earnings!

Now there’s a misnomer! ‘Earnings’-who here has earned any of that money pouring in? Earnings implies providing a service or producing a product. The diaspora earns there and provides a service there, like being a health care worker, or makes a product there. Thus they contribute to the economy of their adopted land, but not here. THEY PAY TAXES THERE, BUT NOT HERE IN GHANA.

Their money comes back here perhaps in the form of a vehicle to clog the roads; or as money to pay school fees for a family member to attend a school staffed by professionally challenged teachers working in dilapidated schools with hardly any resources or budgets.  Or the money sent is used to stock a small store, buying and selling inferior items produced in China, India or Nigeria etc, not produced here.

Boost the economy ha!  The money sent by the Diaspora just kills initiative and creates a climate of dependency.

Here’s what I wrote back on Facebook to Ken:

Christopher Scott Ken, please, nobody said you committed a crime. I didn’t know Friends of the Motherland was primarily a support group for diasporan Ghanaians. Perhaps you should change the group’s name to reflect this. How about ” Friends Outside of the Motherland”?

Kenneth Bediako

Hi Scott,
How was ur weekend?…..hope u had some fun.
Well, FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND is not just a group for Ghanaians or Africans in the diaspora… the name will tell it all. Africa, is refared here as THE MOTHERLAND and the idea is for anyone who love Africa to be part of the group.
So now you kn…FRIENDS OF THE MOTHERLAND is for Africans and those who love Africa.

Another response to Ken’s gift to Friends of the Motherland membership-

Paul Asinor Need a job in Ghana? Visit

This is Ghana’s biggest recruitment and talent management event for the private, public and not-for-profit sector in 2010. Ghana’s repeated peaceful government transitions over recent years, the discovery …
MadinGhana’s reponse to Paul:
This is more like it! Thank you Paul. You are a true friend of the Motherland. Hey, Ken, an idea for you and Friends of the Motherland in the States… why not work to get OML(Occupational Management Limited), now based in the U.K., to the United States as well.

And yet another response-I AM not alone!

Nutifafa Kotogbor Ken,In as much as u want to help Africans living in the diaspora i believe what u should rather be doing is encouraging them to come home.Besides u know the MOTHERLAND needs more health workers to cater for the citizenry.

Madinghana’s response to Nutifafa:

Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott

I’ve heard it many times that there are more Ghanaian doctors in the city of New York alone than in the whole of Ghana?
Closing Notes from MADINGHANA:
Ken doctors the site. In his original response to Jack and my comments he mentioned that 247caregivers is worldwide and can recruit for Ghana! Well,  I went to the 247caregivers site and all through the “About Us” section, there’s the word “nationwide”, that is the good ole U.S.A.
And Jack Bruno’s comment now is just a birthday wish-his comment in pigeon English no be dare oh…..
What’s more-Motherland for Ghanaians refers to GHANA, not Africa. If Ken were here going to school and reciting the National Pledge now again, he would know this. The first line is ‘I PROMISE ON MY HONOUR TO FAITHFUL AND LOYAL TO GHANA, MY MOTHERLAND.’ Sending money in my view is not being loyal and faithful.
To conclude, perhaps another name for Ken’s  facebook group could be FRIENDS OF MOTHER AFRICA or SUPPORT FOR FRIENDS OF MOTHER AFRICA LIVING  OUTSIDE
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