The Obama Visit to Ghana Revisited

Posted on December 7, 2009


Way back in May, 2009, the Obama visit to Ghana was a stimulus to the creation of this MADINGHANA blog. Visit the category to see this blogger’s opinions on the visit.

Well, all these months later, my very criticisms of the government’s decision making for the visit were somewhat affirmed. In the December, 2009 magazine Africawatch, in an article entitled “President Mills in a Political Storm” there’s mention that President Obama’s visit was bungled. What should have been a two day visit was reduced to less than twenty four hours “due to a lack of clarity and direction on the Ghana side.”

Whatever, I thought at the time and still do, that Ghana missed the boat in not directing President Obama and the world’s attention more onto Ghana’s present as an emerging nation. In light of the previous post, “No More Schools Under Trees”, imagine the impact it would have on the President and his family if they had visited a school under a tree. I truly believe it would have made the issue of initiating a Global Fund for Education for President Obama real.