Posted on December 14, 2009


Hey did you know that Canadians are the NO 1 social networkers in the whole world? That’s the latest and ya can read all about it in The Vancouver Sun.

Hey on a personal note, another did you know….. my dad Jack Scott was a columnist for this very same paper for years. Blogging kinda allows this fellow to keep up a family tradition. My mum too was a journalist! How lucky we are in today’s world to have such technology and to believe that it can change the world. How ironical it is that Canada has less to change. Oophs, I’ll take that back. I just read this:

And while I have your attention, even though the site Holli’s Ramblings is in my blog roll, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate this site again. Incidentally, and it should be no surprise to you, Holli is a……..CANADIAN. Her blog is subtitled “A CANADIAN IN GHANA”

Her last POIGNANT post is about going out in Accra for a quick business lunch…In the comments section, I suggested that she send the post to the Philip Briggs’ Bradt update site-see blog roll. Philip posted:

Entertaining blog about day-to-day life in Ghana: