Posted on December 17, 2009


For ten years now, Madinghana has been invited to Ridge School to perform a very important function at this time of year.
Enough said…

and each year I ask myself, “Where are they all going to fit in?”Maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned about these particular children, the children of the elite…It’s all those children in schools under trees and in sheds, the children of the blocks….What opportunities will present themselves to them?

Just yesterday, there was an editorial in the Boston globe that linked the Copenhagen Climate Conference and the issue of over population with particular reference to West Africa.

I put this short editorial on FACE BOOK with the following observation:

Overpopulation goes unaddressed
December 16, 2009

ELLEN GOODMAN’S piece “The ‘human’ factor is missing in Copenhagen’’ addresses one of the issues that will have a huge effect on our planet to face global warming and oil depletion – overpopulation. She notes fertility rates go down without coercion when women have access to contraceptives and family planning. Environmental groups have shied from the problem of population because they are afraid of anti-abortion groups.

Yet some people have started to speak out again. We will not solve the problem of global warming if we do not reduce the number of humans on the planet. There is the problem between the poor countries and the rich, but having been a Peace Corps volunteer twice, once in Ivory Coast and once in Senegal, I know that many African women would like to reduce the number of children they have, but have no access to birth control. Their lives would be better.

Even if we cut carbon emissions by 20 percent, the population grows by 20 percent and the reduction is negated. Simple math.

Craftsbury, Vt.

Christopher Scott Senegal and Ivory Coast are mentioned in this short editorial. In Ghana, the problem of overpopulation remains unaddressed. Any ideas on why?

And…if ya got this far…a little tidbit that I just can’t resist including even if it’s in a little bad taste according to Mrs. Claus.

Two kids sure are concerned about Santa’s best interests…..they gave Santa a little thank you note for their present.

Now get this, Santa just happened to turn the little piece of paper over. It was a light blue and in the top right hand corner was printed the VIAGRA logo!