Posted on December 21, 2009


“Where is the Help?” is the repeated subject of many an e-mail from the Director of the MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH HOSPITAL.

In July, 2009, I celebrated on this blog (see two links below)a matching pledge of US$1,600 to top up a Rotary contribution to a local maternal and child heath care hospital from funds available to all Ghana Rotary Clubs through the 9100 DISTRICT RESERVE FUND. tHIS WOULD MAKE A TOTAL DONATION OF US$3,200 to support the nutrition unit of the hospital.



WELL TO DATE THE ROTARY PORTION OF THE PLEDGE HAS NOT MATERIALIZED! It’s a long and not too pretty story which I won’t tell….allow me to just pick it up now after almost a half a year!

The e-mail below was sent on December 10th to the two Rotary Club presidents mandated at the November 6th Council of Rotary Presidents meeting to look into the matter. To date there has been no reply, not even an acknowledgment of receipt of the e-mail.

Warm Rotarian Greetings from the two Kumasi Rotary Clubs:


In follow-up to the 4th Council of Presidents meeting held on 6th November, I am charged by both Rotary Presidents here in Kumasi to request an update on your deliberations regarding the status of our proposal to use our portions of the District Reserve Fund to continue our support of the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in Adom, Kumasi

In the proposal, the bank account no. for the hospital is quoted. Perhaps you need the Rotary Club of Kumasi East Humanitarian Account number at………………………………………………………………………………….

I might add that our persistence in this matter is not “to save face” but more to perhaps save a brain or life of a severely malnourished child of the poorest of the poor. This hospital like most in Ghana is desperately underfunded and has an extremely hard time meeting the demands placed on it. Every contribution counts.

Furthermore, the Kumasi East Rotary Club received a matching promise to fund the nutrition clinic from two Irish doctors who were visiting at the time our proposal was being researched and prepared in June, 2009. When we receive the Rotary money, we will then be in a position to contact the Irish doctors to keep them to their pledge. In all, the hospital should receive an amount of US$3,200-US$1,600 from the Rotary District Reserve Fund and US$1,600.00 from the Irish doctors.

Yours in Rotary,

Rtn Four Villages,
Secretary, Kumasi East

At our regular weekly meeting of the Kumasi East Rotary Club held on December 16th, as secretary of the club, I was again charged to follow-up on the follow-up. I have been holding off hoping I would receive a reply before I had to report next to the membership.

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