Posted on December 31, 2009


Please…to get the drift of this post you must read Part 1 posted a few days ago.

Subtitles for this post could be “DO THEY KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS’ or “NO GOOD TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY”.

So, I have a confession to make…I haven’t yet written the letter that the two Kumasi Clubs Rotary Clubs instructed me to write in follow-up to the follow-up having received no reply from the two Accra Rotary Presidents who were charged with looking into the Kumasi proposal to fund the Maternal and Child Care Hospital, Adum, Kumasi. Principles from another lifetime guided my thoughts to give the two presidents the benefit the doubt…to give them more time…..

Well it’s Christmas morning and I’ll write them a brief reminder, which I’ll e-mail on the 27th….

Dear Presidents,

At the Kumasi East Rotary Club regular weekly meeting held on Wednesday December 23rd, I reported to the membership that I had not received a reply to my December 10th e-mail regarding the Kumasi Club and the Kumasi East Rotary portion of the 9100 District Reserve Account.

Christmas has passed and I have decided to write to you now with the hope that the Christmas spirit still lives in your hearts.

There is the ole expression, “a picture is a thousand words”. I trust that my inclusion of the attached picture in this e-mail will prompt more than 1000 words in your minds. First, I hope you think, “We must accord the Kumasi clubs the basic respect of acknowledging receipt of their December 10th e-mail”. And second, “We must give them an update to our findings since the November 6th Council of Rotary Presidents Meeting when we were charged with looking into the matter”.

Baby at Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

Yours in the spirit of Rotary: “Rotary….Gives” and “Service Above Self”

Rotarian Four Villages
Kumasi East Rotary Club


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