Posted on January 14, 2010


You are probably thinking, ” Now I know that MADINGHANA has really gone off his rocker or…..maybe he’s indulging in a little earthquake protection a la Pat Robertson”. Shameful!

Anyways Almighty God is an artist. In fact he’s not just an artist, he’s probably the internationally best known ‘street’ artist Ghana has to offer and he lives and works right here in Kumasi. His works are expensive, but let me tell you, if you have one of Almighty’s creations hanging on you wall, you’ll always be in Ghana. It’s in your face art-colour and life! Just google-kumasi, almighty god, artist to read all about him and see samples of his work.

Christian, Almighty God and Cai

His work shop is located on the south-west section of the mammoth Suame Roundabout. That’s the roundabout to connect to the Tamale Road and the Mampong Road. It’s near the Asantehene’s Manhyia Palace so you might want to combine the two as did Christian Moers and Cai Ruefler, two young volunteer lawyers working in the country for rights for the disabled.

You know me…here’s what Christian wrote in our guestbook, “Thank you for your caring support-home away from home!”

His work