Posted on January 15, 2010


All our guests are memorable, but some are more memorable like the returned Peace Corps who worked in Ghana between 1971 and 1973. Man, was this guy on a wonderful high returning to his ole stompin’ grounds. It was his first time back since leaving and he wanted to show his partner just where his life changing experience took place. “If I hadn’t joined Peace Corps I wouldn’t be what I am today and who I am today.” He’s a teacher at a community college back in the States and one of the most effervescent, yet level headed guys I have ever met.

Anyways he touched my heart when he said the two most memorable experiences he had on his trip were visiting his old school where he taught and…his visit to Kumasi!

Here’s what his partner wrote in our guest book: “Wonderful Home! We felt like we were visiting old friends. Now we have new friends in Ghana! Thanks Chris and Charity! Our market experience with Comfort was a joy!

The house and our room was warm and inviting-the gardens beautifully designed and a pleasure to view. Chris and Charity kindly drove us to many places and the private tour of the brass village was a great experience!”

At the brass village Paul Amponsah explains the lost wax process

And now…

“I was a former Peace Corps volunteer from 1971-73 and I have returned for the first time. Chris and Charity have made it seem like I never left. Their personal warmth made us feel part of their family. We will absolutely return.”

At Friends' Garden for Sunday Lunch

And lest I forget, a big thank you to Nana at African Rainbow, Busua (see their two blogs-African Rainbow and Rainbowxpress on our blog roll) who sent these two to us. In fact Nana knew this guy when we were all here in the early ’70s!