Posted on January 15, 2010


So you’ve come to this blog through the link on our FOUR VILLAGES INN ( website. Guess you might be expecting the usual promotional stuff-reviews, travel tips etc. Well if you are, go to the KUMASI TRAVEL TIPS, FOUR VILLAGES INN AND GHANA TOURISM categories in the CATEGORY CLOUD to the right. But really this blog is all about “life and business” in this fragile third world democracy.

For our first ten years, we kept up a VILLAGE NEWS section on the web site. There were 17 editions of F.V.I. tourism which we printed out and put in the rooms and on the veranda! An expense, yes, and a big expense at that.

But our motto is ‘MUCH MUCH MORE THAN A PLACE TO STAY so on the blog you get a realistic portrait of our lives…the good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s been a busy Christmas season. In fact we haven’t ever had one like this! All praise President Obama for heightening Ghana’s profile, especially in these tough worldwide economic times.

So…reviews….in reverse chronological order a la blogging-and in brackets asides about life that came from the people.

Incidentally, as I write this on Friday, January 15th we are GUESTLESS IN KUMASI-since the morning of the 14th in fact when mother, father and Peace Corps daughter left for a small village in the Northern Region of Ghana. I asked P.C. daughter about the place she was serving for two years. “There’s nothing there. The town of 10,000 is there because of the river.” I asked what she was doing-“working in the water sector” and how long she had been there “nine months”. I asked her if after that time she had hope. She was a little taken aback by the question, gave a little laugh and offered a “Ya.” Mom and Pop said, “We are very proud of her.” So am I and if hope runs out in the young, what hope is there?

Here’s what the family wrote in the guest book, ” We are on our way North to visit our daughter who is in the Peace Corps. This is a wonderful respite, with beautiful accommodation and a warm family atmosphere. We look forward to returning. Thank you so much.”

I asked the mom to e-mail me when she gets home to the States on her impressions…..