Posted on January 17, 2010


We had a lovely Canadian family who are nearing the end of their stint working in Abuja, Nigeria. If you are in the hospitality industry in nigeria things aren’t that hot.”There is no tourism in Nigeria.” I thank God I was posted to Ghana all those years ago.I wouldn’t have met Charity and there sure wouldn’t have been a FOUR VILLAGES INN.

And we were told about high levels of corruption. The fellow couldn’t get over the fact that uncompleted buildings-and there’s a whole lot of them in this country-don’t have whitewashed signs or banners on them indicating that they are not for sale! Apparently,in Nigeria, people try to sell properties that don’t belong to them – right on the very spot….

Now have ya ever heard of oil rich Bayelsa State in Nigeria? Well, the governor was interviewed by CNN surrounded by the opulence of his palace all the while denying the poor around him! Caused quite a stir internationally.

Here in Ghana, it isn’t quite like that although our former president came under quite a lot of criticism building a new residence for the Head of State for an estimated US$150,000,000.00. One commentator remarked that it was quite an expense whilst judges in the courts of Ghana still have to write out their judgments in longhand!

Here’s their review of Four Villages:

“Thank you so much for an excellent stay. You really lived up to the rave reviews about 4 inns on the internet. Excellent breakfast and fantastic sleep. Everyone coming to Kumasi should also get a tour with Comfort! A Must!”

with Comfort after the market tour!