10 random facts about me!

Posted on January 19, 2010


Holly of Holly’s Ramblings (see blogroll) is the inspiration for this post. I’m starting this post at 2:14 p.m. on January 10. It’s a test of how much I know my self. The challenge is to write down 10 things about me that nobody knows. Here goes:

1.I was born nine months after V.E. Day(Victory in Europe) in London, England-a true war baby. Charity thinks this accounts for my combative nature….

2. I damn near died as an infant-in fact I was one of the very first babies to have transfusions in both legs and survive. I’ll show you the scars, if ya ask.

3. I went to a private school-they had a lunch program-after lunch we had ‘siesta’. I would cry if I didn’t get to sleep on the desk top.

4. On an isolated island in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, I first encountered calculated meanness. We won. I was transferred; the others were sacked.

5. I hate horror films-in fact, I’ll go out and hide, take the occasional peak and come back in when the screams subside.

6. Most most inspirational moment came watching a herd of elephants crossing the Luangwa River, Zambia by moonlight.

7. Once upon a time I hated making speeches, giving workshops-sometimes even having panic attacks. But that’s OK it’s the number one fear of people-more than snakes even.

8. My greatest love is reading-a legacy of being an only child raised a single working parent who loved to read herself.

9. How I loved my smokes. 25 years and then cold turkey I stopped one day after o-ding during a boozy golf tournament.

10. I relish in peoples’ tumbling off their perches through pride. No compassion from me.

So that’s it. I throw down the gauntlet for you to run the gauntlet. Now back to the nitty gritty of everyday life in this third world country struggling to take its place in today’s world. Time now 2:57-that wasn’t hard at all!

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