Posted on January 19, 2010


Another charming group came through our charming guest house. One seems to lure the other! And again it was a Peace Corps volunteer working in Northern Ghana with visiting family/friend in tow. This time they had met up with the family and daughter mentioned a few posts ago, Augh…the seriously enormous power of word of mouth…

Again, the P.C. gal was working in the health and water sector in a village even smaller than the 10,000 referred to earlier. This village has no electricity and no running water! But enough, I’m following Julie’s blog, hope you do to!

Here’s what mummy wrote in our guest guest book:

“we have come to Ghana to visit with my daughter who is in the Peace Corps.We have toured this amazing country. After a horrendous day of travel, we arrived at the Four Villages Inn-our version of the “Garden of Eden”. Our stay here was wonderful! Thank you Charity and Chris for your hospitality.”

Read all about their travels!