Posted on January 21, 2010


We had a no-show the other night. I thought it was the driver taking the client off to a hotel where he has an arrangement to collect the 10% commission. It happens…..but it wasn’t this time!

Late yesterday afternoon, the phone rang and it was the client who failed to show up….

The travel agent who had booked the room, who, from all this, probably has learned never to make a call with her mobile/cell phone again, told her client that I was very upset with the no-show.

So he calls to apologize saying his behaviour was “bad, inexcusable and not characteristic of him”…He said they got lost and he had had a particularly bad meeting where things didn’t go well.

So….. I have been thinking long and hard on all this. There are probably lots of no shows; but I wonder how many proprietors phone to follow up and actually take issue with the agent or the client. I’m not a business man and I haven’t got much to lose if the client doesn’t come back, or people from his organization don’t come or the travel agent doesn’t send us any more people. We only have four rooms and for me, an ex teacher, it’s the principle that must be upheld and defended, so I always follow up if I can.

But here…people don’t seem to get upset…that laissez faire attitude permeates people’s thinking and values change and behaviours change too. The distinctions between right and wrong blur.

I’d like to think that I gave the guy a wake-up call. You can’t always go through life in this developing country abusing service providers. Somebody is bound to bring you to task. It would have been so easy to have phoned.

P.S. I accepted his apology and sincerely said I hope that we see him another time. Ha!

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