Posted on January 29, 2010


Here I go again, that schizophrenic blogger who can’t make up his mind if this is a travel blog or a “down and dirty living in the third world” blog. Hell, it would be boring if I just celebrated FOUR VILLAGES INN, KUMASI, ASHANTI AND GHANA day in and day out. I sometimes do that and one of my hard knock Facebook friends brought me back to earth with “modesty isn’t one of your strong suits” comment!

Well, first the celebration, our first tourist bikers arrived yesterday on their way to the coast. No, we didn’t host a motorcycle gang. Four refined Dutch gentlemen arrived at Four Villages on their bicycles. Each year they take two and a half weeks off, travel to countries all over the world and cycle around. Ghana is their first country south of the Sahara. And, they’ve had a great journey. “People are so friendly and helpful. ” FOUR VILLAGES INN IS NO EXCEPTION.


Here’s their review: ” Wonderful stay, delicious kitchen, what a surprise here in Ghana, especially after several days of heavy cycling in the blazing sun!”

Well, now for the flip side of the story. These guys needed beer and we had some which they enjoyed in our frosted mugs. Anyways I wanted to replenish our supply just in case….Now let’s get some perspective…these fellow have freedom of movement around this great country, but Four Villages has lost it’s freedom of movement across the street. Read on…

But it’s a NO GO for FOUR VILLAGES INN at the beer store across the road where we have been buying beer since they opened in front of the LAHANA AVON HOTEL. You know the place….that’s where the beer bar opened up in January, 2009 blasting out music into the night which we could hear all through the inn. So….complain, complain, complain-everywhere-in offices, on the radio, in the newspaper and, you got it, on the internet. Well, something worked-might not even have been me-but nowadays it’s all quiet across the street.

But there are consequences….FOUR VILLAGES INN has been banned from the beer store by Nana Kofi, the owner of the Lahana Avon who, my watchman informed me, has threatened to boot the owner of the beer store out if he serves FOUR VILLAGES. Ironically, Nana Kofi spent years in Holland. He might have lifted his ban if he had known the consumers of the beer were Dutchmen (hee, hee). Anyways, I call these returnees SICA BULLIES. Guess what sica means…….sing along with me ….money, money, money….. money. Ya they say it is the root of all evil-well let me tell you it can be the enemy of a fledgling democracy.

For the last few weeks, I have been imploring an official to “address this human rights issue.” Earlier this week, I told him I realized it was hard, but he casually said it wasn’t and that he would be here “in the next forty – eight hours”. That was a week ago and now our drink supply is getting low.

The Ghana Constitution states:

“(1) All persons shall have the right to –
(g) freedom of movement which means the right to move freely in Ghana, the right to leave and to enter Ghana and immunity from expulsion from Ghana.”

I don’t want to go the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice. I didn’t want to go to the police when he pushed me roughly off his property. I was quietly asking the staff at the bar one Saturday afternoon not to play the music loudly as we a number of V.I.P. guests that night.

Why can’t officials in the department concerned ACT and get allies to tackle issues when they are difficult…as this situation is? Situations fester and who knows what can happen….I will not be intimidated. We all lose if we bow to these sica bullies who think they are above the law.