Posted on January 30, 2010


Besides owning a bookstore here in Ghana-not giving a damn if I sold anything or not- my other ambition would be to be a letter writer. How I envy those old men in the gloom of the grove of trees beside the fort across from the main post office in the heart of Kumasi. There they are pounding away on their old Olivetti, Smith Corona, Underwood and Remington typewriters. It’s a tourist attraction in itself. Where else in the world do you still see these champions of literacy and advocacy?

And oh the stories they must be capturing-tales of heartache, disappointment, betrayal, and cheating. Here the wronged try to make things right. Here too the dreams of unfulfilled opportunity pour out in the form of petitions and applications full of hope and promise.

On second thought, better not disturb the historic atmosphere there with my Toshiba laptop. I’ll just work from Four Villages. Maybe I’ll set up a little tent in our own shaded grove to the right of our front gate….

Until then, I can work from this desk and the other day I did just that. I had my first chance to write for somebody else. Oh happy day for me, my first customer! ….. One of Charity’s friends, who lives in Holland, wants to rent her house, but there’s a hotel next door that’s playing loud music…..sound familiar?

Here is the statement:

January 29, 2010

STATEMENT OF_______________________________________.

I, _________, would like to lodge an official compliant regarding high levels of noise most Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and sometimes to daybreak, when _________ hosts a wedding or a funeral. Also it plays loud music sometimes on Sunday. This situation arose when _______ Hotel bought a quarter plot and constructed a swimming pool. This area now borders on my wall and the noise levels at these times are absolutely unbearable.

Therefore, I appeal to your good office to intervene on behalf of myself and my family. These properties lie within the boundaries of this first class residential zone. I pay the highest taxes of any part of this metropolis. The peace and quiet that I had been enjoying for the past ten years since purchasing the property has been broken. I might add that ________ Hotel located itself in this area knowing that it would also enjoy the peace and quiet the area offers.

I include the particulars of ____________ Hotel to facilitate your contacting them.

Owner: Mr
Tel: office-

Your concerted action is required to rectify this situation. I thank you in advance for your attention to my complaint.

Signed: ____________________________________________

Alternative Contact: , Four Villages Inn, Daban

Now, the lady is back in Holland, but I’ll keep you abreast!

Footnote: Incidentally it was a C.I.U., that stands for Criminal Investigation Unit, officer that asked for the statement. Let’s see what kind of results this unorthodox avenue of attack gets……bet it’s better than going through the Ghana Tourist Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Health Department of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assemby, and the assembly itself.

P.S. Charity didn’t let me charge her. Darn! hee hee