Posted on February 6, 2010


Kindness is infectious! In this blog I have been celebrating the kindness we know guests of Four Villages Inn experience here. After ten years in the business, it’s dawned on me that our acts of kindness are not spurred by a business model, but rather prompted by our guests’ stories of unusual acts of generosity, dedication and sacrifice in trying to improve the quality of every day life for Ghanaians. Now our guest book asks guests why they are in Ghana, because so many here busy doing special work!


This is no better illustrated than by Ian and Kevin. Ian and Kevin were part of a Toronto, Canada’s Ryerson School of Architecture team that built a pre-school in the Volta Region. Along with 50 colleagues last May, they completed the first phase of the project in 30 hectic days all captured on a DVD, and you can watch this inspirational DVD at Four Villages. It’s a wonderful production that is sure to stir your heart.

Here’s what they wrote in the Four Villages Inn guest book:

” Visiting KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) to discuss exchanges, building school in Kpedze Todje. Thanks for everything.


“Thanks for your fantastic hospitality. I truly enjoyed my time here.”


Append um: Ian and Kevin were having car problems with their rental car. I led them to my mechanic near Santasi Roundabout where they left the car to be fixed. I then gave them a lift on their way to the Cultural Centre.
Gee, they built a school where 50 3, 4 and 5 year olds go to school. HOW CAN I NOT HELP THEM OUT. Kindness breeds kindness. And oh yes, the car ran smoothly back to Accra and the car rental office.

And, a final word…..I asked a friend, “All these people from foreign lands doing such great things….are people here doing things?

The reply, “Not really, they are too busy struggling to make a living, struggling to survive.” HOW TRUE THAT IS!!!!!!