Posted on February 7, 2010


On January 31 in a post entitled Kindness and Conscience I mentioned problems getting around, with specific reference to the Kumasi-Cape Coast S.T.C. bus leaving at 4 a.m. Well at the other end there’s another potential trouble spot. I refer to the Cape Coast S.T.C. terminal at the GOIL gas/petrol station. The taxi drivers there can be particularly aggressive.

Below a very recent post on the Bradt Guide to Ghana Update by Philip Briggs-see blog roll.

Chapter 8, section “Getting there and away”, page 158: I found out that just after my arrival in Cape Coast by a STC bus from Kumasi, the taxi drivers located at the bus terminal were rather aggressive in their attempts to pick up bus passengers and their luggage. There was also a possibly self-proclaimed boss figure on the spot who was constantly yelling and shouting in an intimidating way and apparently tried to “manage” the taxi drivers (and their passengers). The taxi drivers also charged a non-negotiable fixed price for a trip to the centre of Cape Coast (4 cedis for a relatively short trip).

And… the charges taxis to Elmina hotels like Elmina Beach Resort, Bridge House, Elmina Bay Resort, and Coconut Grove can be considerably more out of whack considering the greater distance.

The answer: If you are going to Elmina, promptly leave the terminal and cross the road and flag down a passing taxi. Frankly anything is better. But don’t forget the cardinal rule-negotiate the price before you sit down and don’t bend if the driver changes the price at the end of the ride-ya gotta read the post below on this very subject!

Note: While looking for a pic of a taxi, I came across this travel site-travel to work- and there was this great post entitled:


This morning I had an argument with the taxi driver I took to work. He wanted me to pay more. It’s very annoying when a taxi driver does that. I got to the road side flagged him and told him where I was going.

“2.50″, he said.

“I’ll give you 1.50″, was my response.

“No 1.50 is too low, make it 2.00.”

“Well, I can’t. Everyday I pay 1.50″

“But that’s too low”

“Well, for you. Everyday the drivers I stop call out 2.00 when I tell them where I want them to take me and I offer 1.50. You are too expensive so I cant’ take you.”

With this I move to stop another taxi, he calls me back.

” Sit down, I’ll take the 1.50.” So I sit and we move.”

Just when we’re about to get to my office he whines:

“The 1.50 is too small. It’s unfair. You know it’s too small and you should pay more.”

I stare blankly at the back of his head. It’s so annoying when taxi drivers do this, trying to get you to pay more than what has been agreed on. I don’t need this kind of stress in the morning. I replied:

Look here taxi driver, I was going to take another taxi when you called me back and accepted my offer. Nobody forced you. So stop complaining and take the money. He takes the money but continues to complain.

I walk away but he calls after me:

“Passengers are so cheap! I know you would have preferred the ride to be free!”

I roll my eyes and keep walking.

“Have a nice day too, darling”, I mumbled.

MORALE OF THE STORY: Stick to your guns, and walk away!