ROTARIAN FOUR VILLAGES, marching to a different drummer….(1)

Posted on February 8, 2010


I am a Rotarian. My Rotarian name is Rotarian Four Villages. I joined here in Ghana. I was never a Rotarian in my past life in Canada. This year I am the secretary of the Kumasi East Rotary Club. This year, the Kumasi East Rotary Club is celebrating its 20ieth anniversary since it was chartered.

The month of February is ROTARY AWARENESS MONTH. Our club approached a number of FM stations requesting a spot to talk about Rotary. Two stations agreed, but for a fee….30 minutes for GH C 100.00 (approximately US$70) to be given to the presenter-no receipt and GH C 50.00 for a 15 minute spot.

I objected at our last meeting saying we are a non-profit service club. FM stations have a social responsibility to support the activities of community organizations that are working selflessly to improve the living conditions of their fellow human beings.

This sentiment was actually expressed at the past District Assembly Conference held last April in Lome Togo. Much to my consternation and approval, a member of Ghana’s Rotary aristocracy, a past district governor I believe, challenged the status quo regarding Rotary’s explicit policy to publicize activities, projects. etc.

What was the reaction to my objection at the meeting. Stated-one member said I should be use to the way things work here by now. To which I replied…how can we expect anything to change if we don’t take a stand and just say we are not paying, that the money goes for projects.

The others-nothing-I just felt they were thinking. Oh I don’t know what they were thinking.

What’s great about being secretary is I can ensure that my objection is in the minutes. Who knows maybe it will move somebody reading past minutes in 2030 when the Kumasi East Rotary Club is celebrating its 40th anniversary of becoming a chartered member and the club is being asked for much more than the 2010 GH C 100.00 for 30 minutes…Maybe then a few more members will say, “No, we won’t pay that!”

How does change take place…..I thought diaspora n Ghanaians with all that education and experience they receive abroad might tip the balance. Lots of Rotarians are returnees…guess they just succumb to the status quo existing here….

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