Posted on February 9, 2010


No, no apology for anything I’ve written.

The apology is to you, my reader. Damn, it is so easy to put options (widgets) on wordpress, so I have no excuse.

I’m referring to the fact that I did not give you the opportunity to subscribe to the madinghana blog. Imagine this is the 168th post since I started MADINGHANA back on May 17, 2009. So now, just click on manage below EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION in the sidebar on the right and you’ll get the latest MADINGHANA post in your email in-box.

Needless to say, this ole blogger does display computer/blog anxiety from time to time. But this time, a friend asked me how can somebody automatically receive a new post-so I did a little digging and voila – now you can subscribe.

And to think, I’ve got the book WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES published by Wiley-I’m a double dummy-no excuses.

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