Posted on February 10, 2010


Crunch time at Four Villages Inn…..reprieve for a few days as we had a ultra-conservative religious group staying at FOUR VILLAGES INN-thus no demand for beer. But then, Canadians came, but they were alright with the few Gulders we had left. But now……help…we are out of beer.

My cry for help has been going out to Mr. Ben Anane Nsiah, the Regional Manager of the Ghana Tourist Board who I asked to intervene a number of weeks ago. He assured me that it was not a difficult task and that he would “talk some sense to Nana Kofi.” (see posts dated January 29 entitled “FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: BUT OH THOSE SICA (money) BULLIES and FOUR VILLAGES INN: OUT OF BEER dated February 1st.

Nana Kofi is the owner of Lahana Avon Hotel who leased out a rental space in front of his hotel that is used as a bar, once upon a time, a very noisy bar. Yes, it’s quieter now. I don’t know why-who did what when….However in retaliation Nana Kofi has banned Four Villages Inn from buying beer from the beer store he leases in front of the hotel. Incidentally we have been buying beer and minerals from this store since it opened. It’s run by a husband/wife team and I know they are scared.

Onward-to the beer store

Anyways, this morning I asked Kate, one of our inside workers, to phone the beer store to see if it was alright for Four Villages to buy beer now. The lady there needed no explanation who we were. She said it was alright for Kate to go over, but not Roger, the watchman, who always walks across the road to buy the beer. He would be recognized.

I say to Kate and Roger, “NO WAY! You will both go. This is a rights issue. Nana Kofi has no right to prevent us from buying beer. The owners of the beer store have the right to sell beer to everybody. How are they supposed to pay the rent to Nana Kofi if he stops a good customer from buying beer from them?”

Off they went. Not me, last time I went on his property I got pushed violently…..twice.

Five minutes later, Roger and Kate are back….empty handed! Kate recounted that the lady beer store owner said that Nana Kofi’s son was around and if he saw her selling beer to Roger Nana Kofi would close their beer store down!
Well, no intervention-no return of calls or text messages from Ben Anane Nsiah, Regional manager of the Ghana Tourist Board, Ashanti.

Nana Kofi

That sica (money) bully Nana Kofi sure wields a lot of power over us all……

What do you think I should do?