Posted on February 14, 2010


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Things didn’t go so well at the human rights commission; the agent asked me if I couldn’t buy Four Villages Inn drinks at another store…. But let me start at the beginning

On Friday, I went to pay the VAT. In the same building as the V.A.T. Service is the OFFICE OF THE COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE. Naturally I put one and one together-taxes from the private sector =support from the public sector, or something like that. Why not??????

I was greeted by a pleasant secretary who asked me the nature of my visit-to lodge a complaint or to see advice. I indicated I was there to seek advice only. She left to look for an available agent leaving me with another secretary. Noticing that she was playing solitaire on he compute, it was my turn to give some advice. I quietly said that it doesn’t instill much confidence in the commission when someone sees a staff member playing solitaire. She clicked off after saying she had nothing to do. I guess the commission isn’t too busy…

The secretary returned and I was directed to another office where an agent handled me most professionally, asking me my name, where I lived and the nature of the situation I had brought to the commission. I

I explained the ban from buying drinks at the store and the background, “the hotel owner’s behaviour is retaliatory because Four Villages created such a fuss about the restaurant/ beer bar operating in non-man’s land in front of his one star hotel that has its own restaurant /bar inside the hotel in this first class residential zone.”

I continued describing my request to the regional manager of the Ghana Tourist Board to intervene and his failure to do so. He asks me why I think the Ghana Tourist Board official doesn’t act. I say the owner is a powerful man. “How so”, he asks. I explain that he has money and also my wife describes him as a dangerous man.

The official then counsels me to continue trying to involve the Ghana Tourist Board regional manager and then he says, “Can’t you buy beer elsewhere.”

Just before leaving he asks me where I’m from, and I say Daban.

No, what country are you from? Canada.

I could almost hear him thinking, “This is Ghana.” But he never said it out loud.

Then I asked him his name. He replied with only his Christian name. I then asked him his surname and he told me…..