Posted on February 28, 2010


On February 6, in a post entitled FOUR VILLAGES INN: KINDNESS CENTRE, I celebrated the work of the team from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada under the leadership of Ian MacBurnie who came to Ghana to build the first phase of a pre school in the Volta Region in 30 days! Ian left a copy of the DVD that expertly captured the effort and spirit that exciting month of May, 2009 in Kpedze-Todze.

Attending school-the starting point for a life free of poverty

Now less than two months later, FOUR VILLAGES INN has hosted another school builder, Rainer Sladek from Munich, Germany, who was here in Ghana working on a senior secondary boarding school for 600 girls, again in the Volta Region of Ghana. There are two reasons for adopting this particular school concept. Firstly, the girls will have an opportunity to learn without distractions of their duties in the parental home and secondly, they will be better protected against unwanted pregnancy-as a result of social ties at an early age-and the risk of infection with HIV. Stats show that such a school environment produces higher graduation rates.

Rainer is on the board of governors of AddYouCation. You can read all about it at Rainer did leave a booklet about the project which you’ll see right along side of the Ryerson University DVD.

Here’s what Rainer wrote in our guest book:
“Dear Chris and Charity, such a nice atmosphere, a quiet island in a hectic Kumasi. Thank you for your great breakfast.”