Posted on February 28, 2010


Hope you stick with me and join me in MAKING A DIFFERENCE (MAD) in Ghana. Our stories, your stories are important in creating a deeper awareness of the realities of life here in this struggling, fragile democracy.

If you subscribe to this blog, you’ll read about all aspects of life, the great stories about FOUR VILLAGES INN and our inspiring guests as well as about the challenges doing business here in Ghana.

Of late, and by far the most popular of the issues, is Four Villages’ campaign to buy drinks from a certain bottle store where we have been banned…..Readers of the blog will have already read about our dispute with a neighbouring hotel that leased an area out in front which acted as a roadside bar playing music loudly. Join the conversation-interesting comments were logger by one Solomon Mike Jagger, a.k.a. talldarkandgoodlooking…or something like that.

In short, I don’t hit the delete button! Join me in MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

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